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1350 Industrial Rd
West Kelowna, BC

(250) 862-3500

Winmar Property Restoration has, since 2007, provided emergency disaster recovery and restoration services in Kelowna and the Okanagan for residential, commercial and industrial buildings damaged by fire, water, wind, flooding or vandalism whether caused by natural, accidental or criminal occurrences. Our 24/7 service guarantees you will see our team on the job immediately upon receipt of your request. We understand that Emergency Services requires an urgent response.

Wimar Property Restoration is your One-Stop Solution for reliable recovery and restoration of property that has suffered water, wind or fire damage caused by natural, accidental or criminal activity. We work very closely with your insurance company to minimize disruption to your lives while providing you with responsible and considerate attention to the smallest details. While we are restoring the premises, our technicians will be working diligently to restore personal effects completely using our state-of-the-art equipment to clean, disinfect and freshen nearly all the possessions including everything from shoes to pillows and from ice skates to tents and we'll store them all in our secure storage facility until the structure is ready to move back in.

Our years of experience in helping families cope with the traumatic effects of a catastrophic disaster have provided us with the knowledge and compassion necessary to help restore order in times of chaos and to get you back in your home as quickly, and with as little disruption, as possible.

We are on-call and ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SNOW......SNOW.....go away, come again another day!

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SNOW......SNOW.....go away, come again another day!

Jay Rhode

Our wish has been granted as we settle into the rainy season ahead, but let’s take a moment and reflect on the hassles and joys this extremely snowy season brought us. Memories of first tracks through knee deep powder, digging out our vehicles after overnight snowfall, the feeling of snow crunching beneath our snowshoes as we trek through white forests, the heating pads we used to sooth our aching backs after we attempted to clear our walking paths, the stories we shared with loves ones around blazing fires while waiting for the feeling to return to our toes. We truly are fortunate to call this four season resort our home!

Now the time has come to welcome the next season. We watch the snow recess on our valley’s mountainous backdrops and wait for the tulips to emerge from the ground. Beware of the effects on your home as we make this transition. Melting snow can be the same as a torrential downpour causing our roofs to leak and basements to flood. An inch of melting snow produces 2700 gallons of water per acre, even a minor snow melt can deposit thousands of gallons of water around your foundation. When you combine melting snow from a heavy snow season and springtime rainfall, the amount of water in the soil will result in a significant rise in the water table as well as a dramatic increase in the amount of hydro-static pressure (water pressure) against a foundation. These environmental conditions represent stress on your foundation; if your foundation is vulnerable to penetration by ground water, you will end up having water in your basement. Keep an eye out for first signs of moisture and call WINMAR for your free assessment if you have any concerns. We are here for you 24/7. 

"Coming through for you!"