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1350 Industrial Rd
West Kelowna, BC

(250) 862-3500

Winmar Property Restoration has, since 2007, provided emergency disaster recovery and restoration services in Kelowna and the Okanagan for residential, commercial and industrial buildings damaged by fire, water, wind, flooding or vandalism whether caused by natural, accidental or criminal occurrences. Our 24/7 service guarantees you will see our team on the job immediately upon receipt of your request. We understand that Emergency Services requires an urgent response.

Wimar Property Restoration is your One-Stop Solution for reliable recovery and restoration of property that has suffered water, wind or fire damage caused by natural, accidental or criminal activity. We work very closely with your insurance company to minimize disruption to your lives while providing you with responsible and considerate attention to the smallest details. While we are restoring the premises, our technicians will be working diligently to restore personal effects completely using our state-of-the-art equipment to clean, disinfect and freshen nearly all the possessions including everything from shoes to pillows and from ice skates to tents and we'll store them all in our secure storage facility until the structure is ready to move back in.

Our years of experience in helping families cope with the traumatic effects of a catastrophic disaster have provided us with the knowledge and compassion necessary to help restore order in times of chaos and to get you back in your home as quickly, and with as little disruption, as possible.

We are on-call and ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contents Restoration

Winmar Property Restoration provides content restoration services in Kelowna and the surrounding areas, with contents including but not limited to clothing, back-packs, suitcases, shoes & pillows.

 Kelowna content restoration service
Winmar Property Restoration provides content restoration services in Kelowna and surrounding areas. Contents include but are not limited to clothing, back-packs, suitcases, shoes and pillows. We have successfully restored many unique items.

Kelowna Contents Restoration

At Winmar Kelowna we can use our contents restoration processes and machinery to fix just about anything in your home.  Whether you have water or fire damage, we can restore your damaged possessions. We restore a number of different items such as clothing, furniture, and even electronics to their previous condition. WinMar has over 20 years’ experience and maintains the highest levels of content restoration in the industry. 

Esporta Wash System

The key to success with the Esporta machine is in the training.  Winmar Kelowna is a certified Esporta operator.  Our staff have gone through all the courses offered by Esporta. We have had the trainers in our facility on a monthly rotation to monitor our use and processes to ensure the highest level of success and lowest level of rejection.  Our goal with our Esporta is to restore more contents at the same time and therefore close content claims quicker.  Our guarantee is simple, "If the owner doesn't accept what we have cleaned then there is no charge for the cost of cleaning" 

Fireline Ultrasonics Cleaning System 

Having the Fireline installed in Kelowna sets Winmar apart. We have ALL the tools to get the job done in one stop.  Our team is trained to restore some of the most interesting and valuable items.   

Odell Electronic Restoration

Odell electronic cleaner was primarily used as a maintenance cleaning tool for military applications.  It's ability to clean sensitive electronics proved an asset for content restorers looking for another way to save more and cash out less.  We believe that this is one more tool that when used properly can create a great savings opportunity.